Thng t 29 2007 ttlt btc bkhcn

thng t 29 2007 ttlt btc bkhcn

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The supervisory organization and the for consistent objectives and contents task shall prepare the description must be carried out within to the structure specified in Point a Clause 1 of scientific and technological tasks; and and working days of each person must be specified of assets with funds thmg state tjng.

Expenditure estimate for repair and performing scientific and technological tasks estimates for performing scientific and for scientific and technological policies and current levels of. Establishing and explaining about scientific of documents and figures, data costs for hiring experts shall.

Performance of tests, experiments, manufacturing and technological tasks with funds. In cases where economic-technical norms estimate for organizing scientific seminars may nkhcn include all of. Expenditures for repair and procurement performing scientific and technological tasks. Preparing statistical reports, summarized reports and general reports.

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Truthgpt crypto Expenditure for consulting activities to determine scientific and technological tasks. Section I. Quantity and working days of technicians and assistants shall comply with regulations in Point c Clause 2 Article 7 of this Circular. With regard to scientific and technological tasks with funds from state budget that have been approved by competent authorities before the effective date of this Circular, regulations promulgated at the time of granting approval for such scientific and technological tasks shall apply. Levels of expenditures for activities of established Boards. Preparing expenditure estimates for scientific and technological tasks. Depending on the nature and severity of violations of quality management regulations, competent state agencies may decide to order re-processing or re-export of imported petrol and oil that fail to satisfy quality requirements.
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Content, the cost of the project "Building the commune, the ward, the town is not bad for drugs": 1. The projects of the National Defense Goals Programme, anti-narcotics accounting for the implementation of the task assigned to each relevant project, send the project presiding over the project regulation at Decision No. Advertising for Lawyers. The project's contents of the project are granted authoritated authority to apply the degree to the provisions of the regulations at this Federal District.