How to regain access to your Google account on Android


The Google Account is used by a large number of users, especially when it comes to Android devices. The services of this search engine are almost essential when using the Internet, which is why most of us have business accounts.

We will show you how to recover your Google account on Android if you forgot your account password or want to recover a deleted account. The procedures themselves aren’t too complicated, but many of us are often confused in one place or another. To resume access to Google services as quickly as possible, we recommend that you follow the instructions below me google account recovery for android.

How can I change my password and regain access to my account?

Google offers the possibility of regaining access to your account and changing your password.

How do I find my Google account password on Android? If you forget, you will have to go through the recovery procedure. As for the account return, the problem is that the Google service does not indicate the period during which this operation can be performed, so you update the password for verification.

So, if the account can be restored, you just need to change the password and keep using it, otherwise, you will not be able to perform this operation.

to change the password

You have to follow these steps to do that:  

  • Go to Google Account Recovery;
  • When prompted for connection problems, select the “I forgot my password” option;
  • A window with a blurry image of the key will appear in front of you, if you remember it from the clue – enter the required value in the row;
  • If the clue is not clear to you, click on “Difficult to answer”;
  • Choose a recovery method – by SMS to a mobile phone number or another mailbox, depending on the data you specified during registration;
  • If you have chosen SMS recovery, enter the code received in the corresponding line;
  • Then a password reset window will appear – suggest a new key, then click “Check data for recovery”;
  • If you provided a different email address, continue – you’ll receive an email from Google with further instructions.

After completing all operations, you will be able to use Google services on your device as before.

How to recover a Google account password on Android without email and alternate phone number?

You always go to the “Recovery” menu, select the option that indicates that you have forgotten your access key, then click on “Difficult to answer”. After that, you have to answer a series of questions and prove that this is your account. If the short test is successful, the password will be changed.

How can I recover my account?

You have to follow these steps to do that:

  • We go to the same Google account recovery;
  • When asked about an access issue, select Forgot Access Code, then enter the appropriate email address;
  • Then you need to write down the mobile phone number associated with your account, after which a verification code will be sent to it;
  • Enter the code and click on “Continue”;
  • If you see the key reset window, change it, after which the recording will be restored.

Done – you just need to write a new key again and you can continue to use all the services.

A warning! If nothing happens after entering the verification code, your Google account has been permanently deleted.

What if you did not add a cell phone number or other mail during registration?

Regarding resetting your password, open the Google account recovery menu, select “I forgot my password” after “I don’t know” and take the test to find out your account information. As a reminder, the probability of recovery depends on the duration of its deletion and the accuracy of your answers.

How to avoid future problems?

We recommend that you always provide an alternate mailing address and telephone number when registering. In addition, it is thanks to your number that the easiest way to resolve any misunderstandings related to your account. Using it to verify the owner is the most reliable way to protect it from hacking and loss.

Now you know how to recover passwords for your Google Android account or the account itself. We have made sure that these procedures are very simple and in practice, the renewal of the services of this company will take very little time. All you have to do is fill in the required fields correctly, and Google on the other hand will make the process as efficient as possible for the user.


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