10 reasons why iPhone is better than any leading Android phone


Every year there are a handful of Android phones that outperform the top iPhones. What is interesting for us this year? At the last MWC exhibition, LG G6, Huawei P10, Sony Xperia XZ Premium were shown, just a little bit left before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8, let’s not forget about the Google Pixel, and yet there are also different Nubia from ZTE and other promising Chinese developments.

And every year the same thing, a new iPhone comes out, the first unpacks, reviews, and other creations appear, the authors praise (or criticize, whoever likes the products here) iPhones, and in the comments, Yaroslavna usually starts crying on the topic “you are stupid buying iPhones, feed the world imperialism, it would be better to take the Chinese at 2 times cheaper. ”

Okay, there are so many idiots in the world that Apple, with its sales of unnecessary iPhones, sits on a mountain of money and takes almost all the profits from sales. How so? On Reddit, there was a discussion about why people use Apple technology and do not want to switch to another. Why do people buy a Pixel XL, then sell it 2 weeks later and go back to their iPhone? Users themselves have named a dozen reasons why Apple is better than the rest.

Updating software

As of February 20, 79% of all used iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch are running iOS 10, it was released in September last year.

As of February 6, 1.2% of all Android devices in use are running Android 7.0, which was provided to users in August last year.

Now the most popular version of Android – Lollipop, introduced back in November 2014, Android 7 Nougat will achieve such indicators at best by the end of 2018, when Android 9.0 will already be released. These are the features of this free platform where it takes so long to release updates. Moreover, the latest versions of Android usually only go to the flagships, while the more popular cheap models and mid-range phones are deprived of such joy. It’s easier to buy a new phone and get fresh software than to wait for a fresh version of Android for yours.


None of the companies have the same support as Apple. Apple may not be perfect at all, but none of the manufacturers offer the same customer service as this company and the same approach to customers.


It’s funny because Apple was not the first in this area at all, the same Sony offered moisture protection in phones much earlier. But as it turns out, many have switched to the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus precisely because iPhones are no longer afraid of water.

Build quality and materials

When people pay $ 650 or more for a phone, they want the device to look and feel right. Others try to keep up with Apple using metal, glass, and leather, but the iPhone 7 Jet Black experience is incredible!


How you can live without this service, I can’t imagine. Synchronization between all devices: iPhone, iPad, and Mac synchronously receive messages, all correspondence is at hand, moreover, you can also share very beautiful emotional messages!


There is not a single device where services work so well. We started reading the site on an iPhone, switch to poppy, and read on, a minimum of unnecessary steps. They call you on an iPhone, but answer from any device: it will be another iPhone, iPad, or animal, beauty.

Apple Watch

A beautiful and elegant accessory with excellent software, while Android counterparts sometimes have hefty dimensions in the G-Shock style, and the design is such that you don’t want to put it on your hand.


The software comes out for iOS earlier, the quality and design are better, exclusive games and all that jazz. What to do, this will never happen on Android, because their developers watch their software being stolen. On the contrary, the App Store makes good money for app creators.


Android has a lot of settings and additional features, but some people like all this economy, while others are scared, difficult, and incomprehensible, people do not want to delve into the system, master and spend time setting up the phone. On the contrary, it is advisable to sort it out as quickly as possible, but here iOS is in priority.

Working hours

The small iPhone is not very productive, but the Plus version is very tenacious. A large iPhone is not convenient for everyone, so if you are ready to put up with a large screen and a “spatula” size, you will like this phone, you can not worry about the operating time.


What else can you add, iPhone users themselves named what keeps Apple within the framework of the system, why people are constantly updating old models to new ones, do not want to switch to other brands, and are happy with the iPhones. I don’t think that an avid Android fan will immediately run to the store for an iPhone, but at least this is another point of view why Apple has such successful products.


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