Apple unveils new Apple TV 4K – first set-top box update in 4 years


Apple officially announced the next generation of Apple TV 4K at its April 20 presentation. The device features a new A12 Bionic processor for better performance, a color balance tool using the iPhone, and a redesigned Siri Remote. This is the first Apple TV 4K update in 4 years, with the last time Apple unveiled a new generation of its set-top box in 2017.

In fact, Apple TV 4K itself is not as new as we would like it to be. Apple didn’t combine it with HomePod, didn’t add a soundbar, didn’t even change the design. All the changes are, as they say, “cosmetic”, they are inside, which is great, but something completely different was expected from the Apple TV 4K: an updated design, remote control with an OLED screen (something like a Touch Bar), a built-in speaker of the HomePod level. Instead, we got an improved version of Apple TV 4K 2017, which can be designated “1.2”, but not “2.0”.

What’s new in Apple TV 4K The

The old Apple TV 4K, which was Apple’s flagship encoder, supports 4K streaming as well as HDR. It also supports Dolby Atmos audio codecs. New to the new Apple TV 4K is support for 120Hz refresh rates, which can be important if you ever want to play serious games on your Apple TV.

The previous generation Apple TV 4K also had a not-so-convenient remote control, which in the new generation of the set-top box still changed. So, the search button (call Siri) has moved to its side, so you no longer press it accidentally. In addition, the remote control itself has become more ergonomic and convenient. But there is no screen or touchpad like on the HomePod.

The new Apple TV 4K starts at $ 179 for the 32GB model in the US and will be available for purchase from April 30th. A 64GB model will also be available for $ 199. In Russia, Apple TV 4K costs 16,990 rubles. Apple also sells the older Apple TV HD, which is limited to 1080p, but with a new remote control, for about $150.

All of these prices are much higher than Apple’s competitors such as Amazon, Google, and Roku. Once again, Apple is betting that people will pay for productivity and the ecosystem. Will it work? Let’s discuss it in our Telegram chat.


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