The Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be made of titanium. Why is it cool


According to information from an extremely authoritative source, albeit in a slightly different area, in the Pro-models of the iPhone next year, stainless steel will be replaced by a titanium alloy. Foxconn will already be engaged in the production of cases from this alloy. The agreement on this has already been signed. This is perhaps the most believable piece in the titanium iPhone story. In the business sphere, intelligence at the source is better than that of many states. And Apple is not indifferent to titanium. Titanium alloy is used to produce an expensive version of the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Card. Apple has dozens of patents on titanium processing topics, some of which was recently obtained. But why should titanium, the metal processing of which is expensive, and is itself quite expensive, in the iPhone?

I will tell you what kind of “authoritative source” it is at the end of the article. If you are not already in the know, you will be surprised. Moreover, most of the information, which is not about titanium, is known from rumors and has been repeatedly refuted. And about titanium is somehow not very convincing. But this is at first glance. Apple is in trouble. Throughout the past year, the media have been talking about TSMC’s roadmap and its success in mastering 3nm technology. If you have no idea what “3nm” is, it’s cool, expensive, and prestigious. And so far no one has done this. A year ago, Apple already “cast” trial 3nm chips in TSMC’s experimental production.

20 years later, Apple wants to make MacBooks out of titanium again. But why?

For several years, Apple was the first to switch to the next “coolest” technology at that time. 7nm, 5nm – and no one doubted that Apple would be the first at 3nm. But while Apple bargained for itself special conditions, Intel managed to load TSMC with its huge order. Taking up most of the 3nm capacities. And with the iPhone 14, for the first time in years, Apple will have to find a compromise solution. Or do something cool and unexpected. For example, a titanium iPhone? At least the Pro models. They will cost more, but they are not too cheap anyway. Apple really has a motive.

Why is titanium better than steel

If the information from a reputable source is correct, the cases of the iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max will not use pure titanium, but its alloy. Experts assumed that it would be a titanium alloy, most likely with aluminum and something else in which the titanium content does not exceed 90%. Titanium is about 35 times more expensive than stainless steel, an alloy of 90% titanium, if not much cheaper. But not the entire body will be made of titanium alloy, but only the frame and chassis of smartphones. The front surface of the device, which is an edge-to-edge screen, is made of titanium. it can not be.

Why would you want to buy a titanium Apple Watch

The back surface should also be made of glass. Otherwise, the iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max will not be compatible with wireless chargers, which is completely unacceptable. Titanium is durable, incredibly scratch-resistant, prestigious. If you need to stand out, a titanium case is probably the perfect choice for that. The iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max will become more expensive, but they are “affordable luxury,” according to one market study. Most likely, they will be bought. By the way, once Apple has already used titanium for just this. Having made a bunch of mistakes, but the goal was achieved.

Apple laptop in titanium

20 years ago, Steve Jobs presented a titanium laptop to the public. In January 2001. Steve also stated that titanium is lighter than aluminum. This is not true. Titanium is 60% heavier than aluminum, but it is not inferior in strength to stainless steel. Therefore, the walls of the laptop case were made very thin, and it turned out to be light. Lightweight and durable. Apple was still not doing well, they urgently needed to stand out – and they did it. The Titanium PowerBook was a success. Fingers left marks on its surface, this was one of its shortcomings, but it didn’t matter.

Disadvantages of a titanium Apple Card that makes it just a souvenir

They grumbled – but they bought and were proud. The titanium PowerBook did not use pure titanium, but titanium alloy. According to unconfirmed reports, titanium in this alloy was not 60, but even 40%. And 20 years later, the titanium MacBook was patented by Apple. This January. The titanium processing methods and technologies protected by this patent are also suitable for the production of iPhone structural elements.

What Rumors About Apple Can Be Believed

The “extremely authoritative source” of this information, you won’t believe it, is JP Morgan Chase. It is an American financial holding company, one of the “big four” US banks. Something huge and powerful. The result of the merger of several giant banks, one of which was founded in 1799. In the year of Pushkin’s birth! And about the iPhone 14 (let’s call it that) Pro / Pro Max and about the material from which it will be made, they told the investors of this holding. This is not a rumor, but most of what was told to investors are no longer credible.

Blacker than black: Apple has created a new paint for MacBook and iPhone that absorbs light

Some of the stories are still “relevant” that the iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max will be made of titanium, as far as I know, no one has yet reported. Perhaps JP Morgan Chase’s information is more accurate than ours. And although we seem to already know what the 2022 iPhones will be like, until Apple officially unveils them, we cannot be sure of anything.Nevertheless, the information of an “extremely authoritative source” may well turn out to be unreliable.


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