Understand whether it’s worth waiting for your old iPhones to drop after the presentation

This next Tuesday, September 14, Apple will hold another presentation. At it, the company will presumably show a new line of iPhone 13 and several more products:

But before each presentation where Apple shows new iPhones, many of our readers have a reasonable question: will the previously released, but still relevant and very cool devices become cheaper? Let’s go through the currently released devices and see what the future holds for them.

The entire line of iPhone 12

October 2020 presentation was full of new products because Apple had never shown four iPhones at once! On the same day, it became known that the iPhone 11 Proline was the end. Smartphones were discontinued, and they gradually disappeared from sale by January. Now you can find them in single copies somewhere in warehouses.
On Gorbushka, the iPhone 11 Pro is, as I understand it, in single copies and only for 64 and 256 GB. Prices are significantly lower than at the start of sales. So, the iPhone 11 Pro PCT will cost about 90 thousand rubles. And that’s for the 256GB version! And at the start of sales, the 64 GB iPhone 11 Pro cost the same 89,990 rubles. Nice drop in price, but let’s face it, not what others expect.

But with the iPhone 12, this story may not repeat itself. Most likely, the entire line of Apple will again kill, replacing the actual, cool, and generally “glorious” iPhone 13. But only in warehouses, 12th will remain in the minimum quantity, because these are very popular smartphones.

Therefore, I would not bet that the iPhone 12 line will get cheaper after the presentation. Most likely, prices will remain at the same level, and then smartphones will disappear from the free sale.
But hoping that Apple’s own iPhone 12 line will suddenly become cheaper is not worth it. If the product is killed, then it remains in the past of the company.

iPhone XR

And with this smartphone is generally incomprehensible. Valya Wylsacom believes that it will remain on sale, but it seems to me that after September 14, we will no longer see this smartphone on the Apple website.
If Valya is right, then the price of the smartphone will not change in any way. It will also cost officials from 48 thousand rubles, and from outbids – from 42 thousand. And all for the 64 GB version.

If I’m right, then there will be a story similar to the iPhone 12: XR will also slowly disappear from the sale, but it is unlikely to drop much in price.
It is also not worth hoping that Apple will cut prices for the iPhone XR itself. There will be no price drop. I am almost one hundred percent sure of this.
iPhone 11

It seems to me that this is the only smartphone, the official price for which may decrease after the presentation. Apple will not kill it – it is still modern and cool, and the XR still has one camera, and the hardware is already pretty old.

If the iPhone XR does get killed, Apple could slightly lower the official price of the iPhone 11. But will this be a significant price drop?

And then a story can happen: Apple will cut prices for the iPhone 11, but this will be a slight decrease.
So if you are going to buy an iPhone 11, then I would wait for the presentation and find out what is there for the money. It is unlikely to become more expensive, and there is very little left to be patient.

iPhone SE (2020) A

smartphone incomprehensible to many, but still popular. For example, in the US it is more popular than the iPhone 12 mini:

The reason for this popularity, it seems to me, is simple: users of old iPhones, which also have a Home button with Touch ID, switched to it. Such users do not need huge screens and powerful batteries, but just want an iPhone that will be relevant for several more years. In the end, calls, messages in instant messengers work quietly even on such a device. And the video on Instagram and the quality of the photo in it will be significantly better than that of all flagship Android smartphones. Then it makes sense to buy something else?

Apple offers iPhone SE (2020) buyers for this kind of money:
And then Apple is unlikely to reduce its cost since the new iPhone SE will be released in the spring of 2022. According to rumors, it will be the same as the current SE. Perhaps with a new system-on-a-chip and 5G:

Therefore, the meaning of the price cut for Apple is not very clear. iPhone SE (2020) is already selling well!

So what should you do?

If I were buying an iPhone now, I would have waited. This is the most rational option.

  • Be it the iPhone 11 – the only smartphone whose official price could drop;
  • If I had the money for an iPhone from the twelfth line, then I would have been waiting for the iPhone 13;
  • iPhone XR, most likely, will not fall in price, and after the presentation on September 14, it may gradually
  • disappear from sale;
  • The iPhone SE can only fall in price if Apple’s global generosity comes in, but there is no point in hoping for that.

The days when Apple cut prices after the presentation are over. It is easier for a company to kill the current lineup for last year by replacing it with a new one. The policy is clear: Apple has the largest capitalization in the world. Is there any point in reducing it?

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