The court ruled in the case of Epic Games against Apple


The court ruled in the case of Epic Games and Apple. Apple won on all but one count.

How did it all start?

A little over a year ago, Epic Games decided to “fight” the monopoly of Apple and Google. Fortnite now can purchase in-game currency bypassing the service commission, which is a flagrant violation of the rules.
Apple and Google did not think for a long time and simply removed Fortnite from the stores, after which Epic Games filed lawsuits against the companies.

What happened in a year?

Many companies have sided with Epic because they don’t want to pay a 30% commission to stores. This has borne fruit: Apple has reduced the commission to 15% for those developers who earn less than $ 1 million annually. Earn more – pay a commission of 30%.

Just a few days ago, since 2022, Apple has allowed linking to its sites in its app store. But it will become available for developers of streaming services, applications for reading books, viewing magazines and newspapers. Apple will continue to promote the App Store as the most trusted digital shopping platform, but users will have a choice.

What did the court decide?

Epic Games was found guilty and ordered to pay damages for $ 12 million for violation of the rules.
It would seem that everything is fine, Apple won, but in fact, the company will lose much more: the only point in which Apple lost is links and buttons in applications for third-party payment methods.
Yes, Apple itself promised such an option at the beginning of 2022, but only for a few categories of applications, and in fact, it will have to add it to all categories.

The judgment will enter into force in 90 days – December 9, 2022. Epic Games disagrees with the court’s decision and has already filed an appeal.

Fortnite Coming Back to the App Store?

Apple is under no obligation to reinstate an Epic Games account because the company broke the rules before filing a legal action. And it’s not just Apple’s decision: the head of Epic Games said that Fortnite will return to iOS only if Apple “offers in-game payments in a fair competition.” But who will lose from this in the end?

What will change for users?

By and large, nothing. Some games, applications, and in-game currency will become cheaper if it becomes possible to purchase all this through a third-party service, but someone will not change anything.

Plus, things can get a lot more confusing if you decide to save money. How do I cancel my subscription through a third-party service? How safe will it be? How much spam will be received? How do I get a refund if I don’t like the app? There are many additional questions that you are unlikely to get an answer to.

Even if the “buy cheaper” option appears in the applications, I will continue to use the purchases in the App Store. It’s convenient, understandable, safe, and you won’t be asked to go through nine circles of hell for canceling your subscription. The App Store is a convenient complex that Apple has been building for years and for which it has the right to take a commission, which it considers necessary. Moreover, the commission is standard for the market, but only Apple has the most questions.


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