New iPhone users promised functionality never seen before


According to media reports, its work will depend on access to satellites. Although the innovation may remain unrealized for now.

New iPhones can be equipped with functions for sending messages and making calls outside the network coverage. Such innovations in the next generation of devices are announced by Bloomberg.

According to the agency, we are not talking about any calls. Communication will only be maintained with emergency services. These will be two different functions: thanks to the first, a person in trouble will be able to send short messages, and the second will allow dictating information about an emergency to a smartphone. The device will be able to transmit data to emergency services about a user in trouble, his location, notify his relatives and a doctor about what has happened.

The publication does not specify which services will be able to contact the owners of new smartphones. Some agency sources say that Apple is likely to complete work on the innovations no earlier than next year. The company may abandon them for now.

And earlier on the Web, there were data on prices for the iPhone 13. It is expected that the gadgets will be much more expensive than previous versions. The price tag will range from $ 850 to $ 2,175.


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