Named a way to jailbreak iPhone using charging

The device can also write data from the keyboard and send it to a hacker, regardless of the distance between the attacker and the victim.

Engineer Mike Grover has created a charger for the iPhone, with which you can steal data from the owner of the device, including his passwords, according to Vice.

It is noted that outwardly the cable looks like an official accessory for charging an Apple smartphone, but it differs in that a special chip is installed inside that starts working when the device is connected to the phone. At the same time, Grover said that the device can be hacked remotely: if you connect an iPhone to a laptop using this cable, you can get access to some data on a PC. Also, the device can record data from the keyboard and send it to the hacker, while the distance between the attacker and the victim does not matter.


The engineer presented the first version of the device, called OMG, two years ago, after which he improved the invention, creating a model not only for the Lightning connector but also for USB-C.

Earlier it became known that Apple will begin to view personal photos of iPhone users. The images will be analyzed to identify material such as child pornography or other exploitation of minors.

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