iPhone 13 Pro Max: Features, Price, Release Date and Rumors


All Apple fans and connoisseurs of advanced technologies froze in anticipation – very soon a new generation of iPhone will be presented. Of course, most of all, the audience is waiting for the presentation of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, because the older model of the line always gets the maximum possibilities and the most interesting functions.

We have collected in one place all the information about the 13th generation of the iPhone that is known at the moment. Rumors come from various sources, and from the experience of previous years, it can be argued that most of them will be justified. But we are sure that Apple has prepared a lot of new products for its users, information about which is not yet available to insiders.

So, what do we know about the new iPhones now?

iPhone 13 Pro Max release date

Obviously, we will see the presentation of Apple in September, and by the end of the month, the smartphones will go on sale. The most likely date for the event from Cupertino is called the release date of the iPhone 13 Pro Max – September 14.

There are rumors that the company will slightly modify the design. In particular, the two base models will now have different camera positions, but the iPhone 13 Pro Max will not be affected. As for shades, we will most likely see the same set of colors, but insiders are talking about two new products – orange and pink.

In terms of significant changes, we are likely to see a smaller notch on the front, as sources say the company has significantly reduced the Face ID sensor. Also, layouts of new products have leaked to the Internet, which confirms not only the smaller dimensions of the notch (by about 30% than that of the iPhone 12) but also changes in its content. For example, the selfie camera on the mockups is not on the right, but on the left.

iPhone 13 Pro Max screen

Most likely, the two base models will retain their previous screen, and there is nothing wrong with it – the 12th generation received excellent displays. What may change in older models and the iPhone 13 Pro Max, in particular, is the refresh rate of the screen. Rumor has it that Apple has finally implemented 120Hz, which will make the picture smoother.

iPhone 13 Pro Max cameras

All fans of apple technology, as well as users who are thinking about updating their devices, hope to improve the camera block. For Pro models, this applies to the ultra-wide-angle lens, telephoto lens. There are leaks indicating that the Pro models will receive 4 LiDAR cameras.

Technical capabilities

With the introduction of the A15 processor, Apple is expected to surpass itself. So far, there is no official information on the power of the chipset, but Cupertino is unlikely to disappoint users. Much attention is also being paid to the fact that the first iPhone equipped with a terabyte of memory will be released this fall.


If the information from insiders is correct, we can expect the battery life in the new 13th generation iPhones to grow decently. For example, the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 was only 2805 mAh, and the new flagship is likely to please us with a capacity of 3095 mAh.

What to expect from Touch ID and Face ID?

There are many leaks that give clues about what Apple is currently working on, what the company’s priorities and development vectors are. Nevertheless, it cannot be argued that all these new items will be implemented in the next model.

For example, there is information that Apple will follow the lead of many Android developers and include an in-screen fingerprint scanner in its smartphones. But according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this feature will only appear in the 14th generation. Another source says that we can wait for the Face ID hidden under the panel, but also not in the near future.

Now it is likely that the company has made a number of changes due to the pandemic and taught Face ID to work with masks and foggy glasses. There are also rumors about the implementation of double biometric authentication, but it is not worth waiting for official confirmation that this will be implemented in the iPhone 13 before the presentation.

Price iPhone 13 Pro Max

It is impossible to talk about exact amounts before the presentation, but, according to leaks, the cost of the new generation will be similar to the cost of its predecessors, approximately $ 1199 for the iPhone 13 Pro Max series.


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